BPP is a must have for every weapon enthusiastand for professional use.


Can be used in the weapons section hunting, forestry, shooters, military, police, personal protection etc.


A recommendation for anyone who wants to protect effectively the barrel of his weapon against water, snow, sand, dirt and other influences.


Available for all common calibers for rifles, pistols, revolvers and shotguns.


There are two versions of  BPP for rifles, guns, pistols and revolvers available.  

( Cal. 556 / 650 / 700 / 762 / 800 / 930 ) 






Short Version – SV


The Short Version is best suited for use in easy field conditions and as a barrel lock for  cleaning. The Short Version involved insignificant haunt misalignment.


Scope of application:

- to use in easy  field conditions 

- raisedhide or go (deer) stalking

- weapons cleaning



Long Version – LV


The Long Version is ideally suited for aftersearch in terrain. It is perfect even  for extreme loads and poor general conditions in terrain .  

(see also test at GEAR Tester)  


The haunt misalignment is still low at about 2-3 cm at 100 meters.


Scope of application:

-hard use in the field





How to use 


Insert BPP in muzzle and press in.

It is important that BPP completely fits on muzzle.



(Caution: Do not assemble BPP in a loaded weapon or when ammunition is in barrel !) 


Due to the special geometry and the special material BPP clamps in the muzzle and seals the barrel against ingress of water, snow, oil, debris (branches, sand, mud, stones, etc.).

The barrel is completely protected now. 





Your weapon is ready to use in any position on anytime, although  

the barrel is protected by  BPP.

You don’t have to remove BPP from muzzle.


In the moment of firing, BPP will be pushed out by gas pressure.

After that the bullet exits out from the muzzle. The bullets shockwave blasts the BPP  

into micro parts.









Gas pressure is pushing out BPP







BPP is blasting into micro parts 







Bullet is treading out 







Because of above mentioned effects, injuries will be avoided (humans and hunting dog).

For disassembly (e.g. cleaning of barrel) BPP can be removed by simply pulling on the side taband. BPP can be reused after successful cleaning.


Tested by DEVA and accredited official ballistics authorities.


(High value! Convincing, well engineered product which fulfills all safety needs through  

its technical design).